Monday, June 4, 2007

Eli Roth wants to go Hostel on Kate Hudson.

Eli Roth makes a living out of torturing people--albeit, fictionally--and apparently would love to torture Kate Hudson in one of his flicks.

Says Roth: "I'd love to torture her. But then again, sitting through one of her romantic comedies is its own form of torture. If I had to choose between watching Raising Helen or vomiting because of something I'd seen on the screen in Hostel: Part II, I'd pick the vomit every time."

I've never seen any of Roth's movies (though his fake trailer for Grindhouse, Thanksgiving, was my least favorite), nor do I really want to. I'm sure I will one day, most likely out of boredom, but I fucking hate torture porn. It's idiotic, derivative, and completely unremarkable.

I think I might actually pick Raising Helen over one of the Hostel movies (not that I'd be expecting any good from either).

It was a funny quote, though.

(Though I won't mention the credibility-defacing fact that I liked her very PG-13 horror flick The Skeleton Key, because that would be just...damn it.)


RC said...

yea, eli roth is kind of sick this way.

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