Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WB to VOD DVDs. (I love acronyms.)

Warner Bros. has been debuting, in select areas, new DVD releases on Comcast's Video on Demand program both on the same day since last year when it did so with Duma and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. But lately, they've found it's been paying off. Apparently, this tactic shows significant increases in both DVD sales and VOD purchases; the only apparent downside is that it cuts into DVD rentals. One of the more notable titles it's going to continue this test with is The Astronaut Farmer, which hits disc and Comcast both on July 10.

I'm sort of on the fence about this kind of thing; while on the one hand it's just going to make Americans lazier and even more socially aloof, on the other it's pretty damned convenient.

Still, I won't be using it--for one, I don't have Comcast--and I think it'll be a long time before it's common practice for others to. And I'm not certain at all that it's going to become a definitive marketplace staple, like I anticipate Blu-Ray or HD DVD to become at some point in the future.

What do you think?

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