Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Idol spawns another movie star.

American Idol season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee will star in a dark indie romcom called The Last Caller. It's about "a self-obsessed woman who searches for love, hope and meaning during a few random events with other urban seekers."

Sounds...interesting. And it's got to be better than Idol's first contribution to the film world, the infamous Justin Guarini/Kelly Clarkson crapfest From Justin to Kelly; McPhee has the potential to rival Jennifer Hudson's Dreamgirls, because, contrary to what you've heard, the movie is a piece of shit and Hudson does a terrible job in it (despite delivering the film's only genuinely arousing, jaw-dropping moment, her performance of "And I'm Telling You I Am Not Going").

Plus, she's not singing in it. Which, for folks like me who much preferred the energy and spontanaiety of winner Taylor Hicks (the only Idol winner so far who's truly captured me, though Clarkson comes close), has got to be a good thing.


DaisyandTim said...

Sounds interesting but fingers crossed it'll do what it says it does and not turn out to be one of those films that just trys to hard. As for idol wannabes, it has been flogged to death in this country and so i am cynical of the talent. I hope she can prove me wrong!

Arlo J. Wiley said...

Do you watch the show?

Because I do, and I've grown increasingly cynical as well. Jordin Sparks? Really?

But sadly, I will keep watching. Once Simon leaves, though, no guarantees.

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