Friday, June 1, 2007

New Movie Day: 6/1/07

Happy June, everybody!

This weekend's releases...

Director Judd Apatow's The 40 Year Old Virgin wasn't only the surprise hit of 2005, it was also the suprise critical darling of 2005. I'm one of the ones who loved that one, and this one looks similarly hilarious. Don't know if it can beat that closing credits sequence in Virgin, though...

This Kevin Costner thriller is either gonna be really fun or really lame; I can't tell yet. But the inclusion of Dane Cook does add points in the latter category.

I haven't even heard of this before, so that's not good. Plus, it looks like crap.

An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim helms this family sports flick (and did you hear about the Truth sequel?).

In limited release:

(Only in LA/NY)
I've been wanting to see this one.
(Only in LA)

Will would also like you to know that he's jonesing for Knocked Up and Mr. Brooks...but is stuck with fucking Disturbia. Damn. Hang in there, buddy.

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