Monday, June 4, 2007

Paris goes to jail.

You know, I do feel bad that I'm going to be just another one of those bloggers contributing to the media saturation devoted to Paris Hilton and jailtime. I mean, when I do stuff like this, I think about all the folks at Time and CNN who the same thing. But classily! They swear!

Well, since I'm already here, I may as well do this thing...and it's Paris Hilton, right? So I can't feel too badly. Right? Not like she's a real person or anything. Right?

Okay, before I get all hypocritical--I have, after all, gleefully covered this topic before--let me just say that I have not switched positions at all. I still think she's a rich bitch, and I still think she deserves the jailtime, and the media scrutiny (to some extent). But I think it's when I saw the TMZ video of her with her mother as she headed to jail--which I will not link to, out of whatever decency still resides in this ol' heart of mine--that I realized how truly demented the papparazzi is. It's millions of miles from being the worst or most intrusive thing they've done, or that I've seen, but I refuse to be one of the vultures picking at the bones of Paris' small, small, tiny, shattered dignity.

Well, at least not much. She went to jail last night. Yay! (And that wasn't sarcasm that time.) As I've said before, keeping her quarantined from the rest of civilization for as long as possible is very much a good thing. She has no talent; she's a vacuous, arrogant fool who likes to think she means something. And unfortunately, we've given her thoughts definite credence.

Plus: Proof that Sarah Silverman has the biggest balls of any comedian working today (except for perhaps Michael Richards) can be found here.

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Will Penley said...

OMG, dude...

What S.S. said was hilarious, but the funniest thing in that video?

Nicholson's reaction. He just sits there, big grin across his face, chuckling, and sipping his drink.

Good God, that is brilliant.